Leadership for the creative world

Surrounded by talented people, steering a straight line through unpredictability, it takes a certain kind of leader to work with the challenges of our creative economy.

At Slipstream, we combine our skill in leadership development with our extensive experience of working in and serving on the boards of agencies to help your leaders be at their best.

We work alongside established and emerging leaders across the agency landscape to help accelerate both their personal and business performance through coaching, facilitation, training and consultancy.

“Slipstream really understood the demands of our business. We immediately saw - and still see - the positive impact on our leadership team, allowing them to move confidently through a time of rapid global growth.”

Mark Nancarrow, Chief Operating Officer

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Are your emerging leaders equipped for what lies ahead?

With the agency world as challenging as ever and lack of time a constant theme, any personal development for your next-gen leaders needs to be relevant, to-the-point and immediately translate into positive behaviour back in the business.

Our one-to-one development programme helps key individuals develop their skills through a highly personalised blend of coaching, mentoring and leadership best practice. The results have been astonishing – not just for the leaders but for their businesses too. Get in touch for more information.

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