"They both have that rare gift of clarity and the ability to help people rise up to virtually any challenge."

Steve Stretton, Creative Consultant

Leadership Coaching

Executive leadership coaching

All too frequently C-Suite leaders tell us that they are so busy working in the business, they rarely have time to work on the business. Rarer still is the opportunity for them to consider their own development and priorities as a leader.

We offer one-to-one coaching specifically with these executive leaders in mind, giving them access to a highly-skilled and confidential sounding board to clarify their leadership challenges and help them take effective action.

One-to-one leadership coaching for creative leaders

Often, very talented creative people find themselves in the roles of Chief Creative Officer or ECD with few leadership skills to tackle the challenges of a role so influential on an agency’s performance and reputation.  In conversation with a number of CCOs and Creative Directors who fed back that most leadership training was not in sync with their particular challenges, we now offer one-to-one coaching and leadership development specifically tailored to the demands of being a Creative Leader and is delivered by someone who knows what it’s like to be in their shoes.

Emerging leaders coaching

We support emerging leaders and rising stars with a highly personalised blend of coaching, mentoring and best-practice leadership development.  Through a combination of 360 feedback and intensive coaching, we give each leader a fully-rounded view of their current strengths, gaps and leadership impact and work together to align their personal development with the agency’s business objectives. With a strong focus on ROI whilst maintaining confidentiality, we ensure behaviours are evidenced at the end.